Blue Diamond – 120 Egg Automatic Dual Voltage Mini Egg Incubator Fully Automatic Hatcher

UGX 1,720,000

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  • UGX 1,720,000
  • UGX 1,720,000
  • UGX 1,720,000

Blue Diamond – 120 Egg Automatic Dual Voltage Mini Egg Incubator Fully Automatic Hatcher.

  • Suitable for: Chickens, Ducks, Geese and Other Poultry, Quail, Parrot, Pigeons and Other Birds Convenient temperature & Humidity control, External water sink,Easy to add water
  • Digital displaying of temperature, humidity and turning freqyency.
  • 8.    Microcomputer, completely automatic method. Using coal, electricity two heating method. Hatching rate than 98%-100% Full automatically temperature controlling.
  • Full automatically humidity controlling. Egg Capacity 120 for chicken
  • Full automatically eggs turning. Full automatically alarming. Full automatically cooling and ventilator. Back emergency system.
  • 1. Chicken or Hen 128 eggs 2 . Bater or Quail 320 eggs 3. Pigeon 192 eggs 4. Turkey 128 eggs 5. Duck 85 egg 6. Rolling+Drawer type orange color

Warranty: 3 Years

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    Introducing the Blue Diamond Range: Elevating Poultry Incubation to New Heights! Use as a setter and hatcher.

    In the world of small-scale poultry farming, innovation is the key to success. That’s why we are thrilled to unveil our latest incubator model range, the Blue Diamond series. Building upon the legacy of our previous models, the Blue Diamond range sets a new standard for efficiency, convenience, and versatility in egg incubation.

    New Features for Unmatched Convenience:

    1. Easy Access Drawers: With Blue Diamond, we’ve redefined accessibility during setting and hatching. Our easy access drawers ensure that tending to your precious eggs is a breeze, allowing you to monitor and nurture them with unparalleled ease.

    2. Automatic Refill Water Compartments: Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly checking and refilling water levels. The Blue Diamond range comes equipped with automatic refill water compartments, ensuring that the optimal humidity levels are maintained throughout the incubation process.

    3. Dual Voltage Capabilities: The Blue Diamond range still retains the dual voltage capabilities of its predecessor. You can plug in your 230V AC power source and simultaneously connect a backup 12V DC power source, ensuring that your incubator remains operational even in the face of power outages. Forget about load shedding and rest easy knowing that your precious eggs are safe and sound.

    4. Backup System Setup Video: For a detailed guide on setting up the backup system, please watch our informative video here: Backup System Setup Video

    (*Please note: The 12V DC power source is designed for backup purposes and not intended to be the primary source of power.)

    Our commitment to user-friendliness, ease of operation, and cleanliness remains at the core of the Blue Diamond range. We’ve retained all the features that made our previous models popular.

    The Blue Diamond Range Capacities (Approximate and Dependent on Egg Size):

    • 120 Eggs
    • 280 Eggs
    • 240 Eggs
    • 300 Eggs
    • 400 Eggs

    As a special bonus, each Blue Diamond incubator includes a FREE Starter Pack. This pack includes essential items like a chick drinker and feeder, along with a misting spray bottle, setting you up for success from day one.

    With the Blue Diamond range, we’re not just offering an incubator; we’re providing a solution that empowers you to achieve your poultry farming goals more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Elevate your poultry incubation experience with the Blue Diamond range and witness the future of small-scale poultry farming unfold before your eyes.

    *TIP: Keep your incubator in its polystyrene housing to increase efficiency and increase temperature stability.        

    Free Delivery. Delivery will take 2 – 7 business days. 


    • Rated Voltage:  AC 230V /12V DC 
    • Rated Frequency:  50Hz  
    • Rated Power: 80W  
    • Temperature range: 33°C – 40°C  
    • Dimensions: 53cm x 36cm x 53cm 

    Incubator Functions:

    • Setting Capacity: 120 Chicken eggs/200 Quail eggs(roller spacing: 18mm)  
    • Hatching Capacity: 120 Chicken eggs/200 Quail eggs  
    • Digital Temperature Control  
    • Humidity Alarm  
    • Air circulation Fan  
    • Digital Temperature and Humidity Display  
    • Automatic Egg Turning   
    • FREE starter pack included   
    • Hatching grid  
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    Blue Diamond – 120 Egg Automatic Dual Voltage Mini Egg Incubator Fully Automatic Hatcher
    Blue Diamond – 120 Egg Automatic Dual Voltage Mini Egg Incubator Fully Automatic Hatcher
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