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Royalford 7 Pieces Aluminium Cookware Set, Black, Rf8948, Scratch Resistant, Tempered Glass Lids, 2.5MM Body Thickness, Bakelite Knobs, and CD Bottom

  • SCRATCH-RESISTANT, HIGHLY DURABLE COATING – The non-stick coating of the cookware is scratch-resistant and tested with abrasive scrubs. The coating makes sure that all your meals stay in perfect shape and do not stick. It allows you to turn, flip, and take the food out with ease. Now you can cook your eggs, meat, and bacon with excellence.
  • 2.5 mm BODY THICKNESS, TEMPERED GLASS LID – The 2.5 mm body thickness makes it lightweight and easy to maneuver. This Royalford 7 Pcs Aluminium Cookware Set comes with tempered glass lids.
  • HIGH-GRADE ALUMINUM, SUITABLE FOR MULTIPLE HOBS – The pans and saucepans are all made from high-grade aluminum. This metal is sturdy and does not have any toxic effects on the food. These work incredibly with hot plate, ceramic, halogen, and gas hobs.
  • HEAT RESISTANT BAKELITE KNOBS, CD BOTTOM – The handles and knobs are made from a high-quality and heat-resistant polymer. It is resistant to heat, and you can use the knobs to lift the lid or use the handles to move the pans with ease.
  • 7 PCS SET – The set contains 7 items including frying pan, 2 saute pans with lids and slotted turner and soup spoon.
UGX 273,000
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Royalford RF325WP30 Aluminium Wok Pan 30 CM -Red

  • NON-STICK WOK – With a non-stick granite coating for improved performance, easy cooking, and cleaning. Comes with embossed bottom for quick & even heat distribution. Ideal for stir-frying, steaming, pan-frying, deep-frying, poaching, boiling, stewing, and more.
  • COOL TOUCH HANDLES – The wok pot features soft-touch heat resistant Bakelite handles and comes. Easy to carry from one place to other while serving without burning your hands.
  • MULTIPLE HOP TYPES – It features an induction base, making it suitable for use on most hob types. Suitable for multiple cooking sources (stove & cooktops): Hotplate/ Gas / Ceramic / Induction cooktops. Here’s another benefit of aluminium: it heats up quickly & evenly, so you don’t get the ‘hot spots’.
  • BUILT TO LAST, SAFETY & HEALTHY – With safety for your family in mind, the wok pan is made with 100% PTFE and PFOA free high-quality aluminium construction along with 3 layers of Eco-Friendly granite coating, meaning no harmful chemicals are released during cooking.
  • INDUCTION BASE, EASY CARRY HANDLES – Ultra-touch base with induction technology for superior heat distribution and retention. To make things easier, the casserole dish is lightweight for ultimate comfort & safety with every use.
UGX 78,000

Royalford Stainless Steel Cake Server Turner Pie Cake Slicer & Lifter Server Beautiful Design With Soft-Grip Plastic Handle Gifts For Wedding, Anniversary, Engagement, Birthday Party. – Green


Royalford Stainless Steel Cake Server Turner Pie Cake Slicer & Lifter Server Beautiful Design With Soft-Grip Plastic Handle Gifts For Wedding, Anniversary, Engagement, Birthday Party. – Green

    • STRONG STAINLESS-STEEL DESIGN – Made from strong stainless steel and plastic handle, this cake server is ideal for lifting portions of double-layered sandwich cakes, fruit-topped cheese cakes and deep-filled pies. At the core of its construction is the wide, stainless steel serving blade, which can easily handle heavy slices of fruit cake or pies. This classic cake serving set can be used for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions & it looks fantastic in any kitchen
    • CONTOURED SOFT-GRIP HANDLE – The cake slicer features a smooth, soft-grip handle that’s curved to fit the contours of the hand. This means you always get a firm, comfortable grip – it’s a joy to use, and there’s less chance of dropping your lovely baked cakes. The last thing you want to happen when serving a slice of cake is to drop it. That’s why this cake slice has a soft-grip, non-slip handle. This means you can maintain a tight but comfortable hold as you lift from cake to plate.
    • FIRM CONTROL – Keep your cakes in one piece and lift them easily with this cake lifter. As it’s made from sturdy stainless steel, it can securely hold your cake creations and easily transport them onto platters or containers. With a grip able plastic handle, it gives you a more comfortable and secure hold when lifting and transporting cakes. It cuts effortlessly through even the most delicate pastries without disturbing the elegant shape and appearance.
    • SIMPLE LOOK, SIMPLE STORAGE – its smart green handle and shiny stainless steel serving plate, this cake slicer is designed to look good however you use it – whether you’re baking in the kitchen or serving at the dining table. It’s really easy to store away too. The handle features a storage loop, so you can conveniently hang it from a utensils rack, or just pop it in a drawer or tool tub. Add an fashion feel to your cake display with this modern wedding cake serving knife
    • GREAT GIFT IDEA, EASY CLEANING – Multi-purpose blade that effortlessly slices through any soft food, can be used in various indoor-outdoor parties, home kitchen daily use. Awesome gift idea for wedding, bridal shower, engagement, Anniversary, housewarming, birthday, and Mother’s Day! Thanks to its stainless-steel design, this cake lifter is odor resistant, rust resistant and very easy to clean. When it’s spick and sp
UGX 60,000
Royalford 2Pc Oven Mitt Food Grade Silicon Textured Non-Slip Surface Water-Proof And Steam-Resistant Protection- Green.

Royalford 2Pc Oven Mitt Food Grade Silicon Textured Non-Slip Surface Water-Proof And Steam-Resistant Protection- Green.


Royalford 2Pc Oven Mitt Food Grade Silicon Textured Non-Slip Surface Water-Proof And Steam-Resistant Protection- Green.

  • Made from 100% silicone
  • Slip-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Suitable for oven, stovetop, or microwave
  • Size: 17.5 x 27 cm Weight: 165 g
UGX 60,000
Royal Ford 20Pcs Fine Bone Food Plates Cup Bowl Dinner Set- Green.

Royal Ford 20Pcs Fine Bone Food Plates Cup Bowl Dinner Set- Green.


Royal Ford 20Pcs Fine Bone Food Plates Cup Bowl Dinner Set- Green.

  • 20-piece set; service for 4
  • Four 10.5″ (26.7 cm) dinner plates
  • Four 8.5″ (21.6 cm) salad plates
  • Four 6.25″ (15.9 cm) bowls
  • Four 12 oz mugs
  • The Porcelain square dinnerware is microwave and oven safe to 450 degrees
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
  • 100 percent Porcelain
UGX 650,000
Royalford Deep Fish Curry Pot, 100% Natural Clay, Rf10577 Handmade Clay Cookware Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly Can Be Used On Gas Stove Or Open Fire , Red

Royalford Deep Fish Curry Pot, 100% Natural Clay, Rf10577 Handmade Clay Cookware Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly Can Be Used On Gas Stove Or Open Fire , Red


 Royalford Deep Fish Curry Pot, 100% Natural Clay, Rf10577 Handmade Clay Cookware Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly Can Be Used On Gas Stove Or Open Fire, Red. 

  • Handmade Clay Cookware
  • Size: 25x11cm; Weight: 2.250kg
  • Non-toxic, Eco-Friendly
  • 100% Natural Clay
  • Can be used on gas stove or open fire
UGX 75,000
Royalford | RF9785 Multi-Purpose Pull Chopper RF9785

Royalford | RF9785 Multi-Purpose Pull Chopper RF9785


Royalford | RF9785 Multi-Purpose Pull Chopper RF9785. 

  • Ergonomic Design
  • SIMPLE, PRACTICAL AND STYLISH , This salad spinner is perfect for ensuring your salad leaves remain crisp and delicious after washing.
  • EASY USE, MULTIFUNCTIONAL , Just add washed salad, and spin the handle to dry the leaves in seconds.
  • TEASY DISMANTLING, DISHWASHER SAFE ,You can quickly open and dismantle the salad spinner. The bowl gets separated, and you can use it as a serving bowl a well.
  • All spinner components are dishwasher top rack safe..Designed for washing, spinning and drying salad, vegetables and fruits
UGX 66,500

Royalford Cookie Press – Biscuit Making, 12 Sturdy Discs In Fun Shapes- Silver

  • High quality stainless steel icing gun 
  • Adjustable trigger action nozzle for complete control.
  • Very sturdy high quality stainless steel cutter and piping nozzles.
  • Easy grip releases dough or frosting with a squeeze. 
  • Non-slip base keeps steady while dispensing cookie dough. 
  • Nozzles and templates are dishwasher safe
  • Food Grade Material
  • 12 Sturdy Stainless-Steel Discs In Fun Shapes. 
  • Perfect For Cookies And Cupcakes.
  • Ergonomic Design 
UGX 91,000

Royalford RF8427 Water Dispenser – Portable Drinks Beverage Serving Dispenser Tap Juice Water Carrier

  • Kitchen and Dining Type : Water Filters
  • Brand : RoyalFord
  • Model no:RF8427
  • Color:White
  • Weight:0.500
  • Made of high quality FDA Grade PP Polymer
  • Non-Dust adhesive
  • Prevents bacteria from growing
  • No water leakage
  • Will fit any 4 or 5 Gallon bottle
  • 1. Function – It can be used not only for water but also as a beverage dispenser for tea, juice and other beverages.
  • 2. Mini Water Dispenser – This Royalford can place it on your table and easily get water every day. The dispense is capable to hold the 19 and 20 liters of water can to provide you water wherever you like to meet your daily drinking needs.
  • 3. IDEAL FOR ALL – Perfect for big family, small family, school, classroom, office or university accommodation.
  • 4. Friendly Material – The main body of the water dispenser is made of PP material, environmentally friendly material, and is impervious to water.
  • 5. Portable – Easy to carry with portable size and no plug make it suitable for outdoor, camping, car home and anywhere.
  • 6. EASY TO USE – Comes with single comfortable tap easy to use just gentle need to push will dispense the water. This water dispenser is best suited for 15-liter square bottles and 19-litre refill bottles (bottle not included with the dispenser).

UGX 150,000

Royalford Rubber Wood Slotted Turner, Multi-Colour, RF9793

  • NON SLIP GRIP – Perfectly located and designed handle for easy gripping and more control of the utensil. It has a sturdy gripped handle which doesn’t slip from your hands.
  • HEAT RESISTANT – This product is made natural rubber wood which will protect your food taste and even doesn’t burns your hand while cooking.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE – Have no worries about putting this utensil in your dishwasher, because it is made to endure the average dishwashing cycle without taking or causing any damage.
  • MULTI-SURFACE USE – This uniquely designed product is suitable for all cooking surfaces including non-stick. Protect your utensils from damage and increase their life.
  • EASY TO STORE – This Royalford slotted turner has a hanging hole which makes it easy to store and avoids clutter in your kitchen.
UGX 29,000

Royalford RF4337 Stainless Steel Wine Opener

  • Elegant Design
  • Ideal For Opening Wine And Champagne Bottles
  • Premium Quality Stainless Steel Construction offers Durability And Long Lastedness
  • Easy To Clean
UGX 60,000

Royalford RF9221 37 x 28CM Wooden Finish Serving Tray – Brown

  • Color: Brown
  • Size: 37X28 CM
  • Material: Wood
  • Easy To Use
  • Dishwasher Safe
UGX 68,000
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Royalford RF8382 26cm Extra Grill Pan – Blue

  • Thermospot Technology
  • Non Stick
  • Bakelite Handle
  • Not Compatible With Induction
  • Recyclable Product
UGX 88,000

Royalford Aluminium Saucepan, 24 cm, Silver, RF329SP24

  • HEAVY-DUTY ALUMINIUM BUILD – Constructed from strong aluminium that is wonderfully non-stick and energy-saving milk pan. Here’s another benefit of aluminium: it heats up quickly and evenly, so you don’t get the ‘hot spots’.
  • MULTIPLE HOT TYPES – Suitable for multiple cooking sources (stove & cooktops): hotplate / gas / halogen / cooktops. Here’s another benefit of aluminium: it heats up quickly & evenly, so you don’t get the ‘hot spots’.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE – 24cm, The Perfect size for small portions: cooking vegetables, warming milk, melting butter, boiling eggs, simmering sauces or soups, or simply reheating leftovers.
  • SOFT WOODEN HANDLE, HANGING HOLE FOR STORAGE – Features a heat-resistant soft-touch handle for ultimate comfort & safety with every use. Lightweight design to allow tea, coffee, milk pan to effortlessly lift away from the surface. And the Hanging hole for easy and convenient storage. Ideal for heating liquids, creating sauces and accompaniments.
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN – Pouring spout for no-drip pouring, which makes cooking easy, clean & tidy. For safe and easy pouring whether it is coffee, soup, milk or water! It can be used as a coffee pot, teapot, milk pot, small saucepan or to melt butter or chocolate.
UGX 98,000
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Royalford Die Cast Aluminium Pancake Maker RF5781

  • 1-Create Authentic Danish Treats Danish pancakes are a marvel to the tastebuds, and now you can make them yourself at home with this easy to use pancake aluminum die-cast. This cast is uniquely shaped and molded to create delicious pancakes every time. Similar to waffle irons and simple pancake makers, this pancake pan works quickly and efficiently to give you delectable results with each use.
  • 2-Quick Service You can always rely on this expert pancake mold to deliver speedy but still tasty results. This pan is crafted with seven separate molds to allow for seven pancakes to made at once. This unique feature makes this pancake maker the ideal choice for those looking to truly satisfy guests with a delicious treat. The pan is also made to distribute added heat evenly and bake each pancake to standard, giving you delicious light and fluffy pancakes with every usage.
  • Plenty of Features Not only is this aluminum die-cast is a true one of a kind, it comes with many built in features to make this the highest value pan there is to offer. Firstly, the pan is created to withstand large amounts of heat so it makes it entirely safe to place in the oven or on the grill for cooking.
UGX 118,000

RoyalFord RF9239 6PCS Porcelain Tea Set – Includes 2 Tea Cups, 1 Teapot, 1 Canister, 1 Milk/Cream Pot & Wooden Stand with Handles for Easy Carry

  • Healthy porcelain: the royalford tea set is made of the high quality porcelain material, the beautiful designs with exquisite white color and the smooth surface, is a wonderful enjoyment when using it. It is non-toxic and harmless and easy to carry with elegant design wooden stand.
  • Durable material – each is durable enough for on a regular basis use but in addition stylish enough for entertaining. The wooden stand adds an extra touch for easy carry and d cor.
  • Minimalist design – bring the elegance and beauty to your home, this showpiece of unique craftsmanship will add style class and serve as a decoration on your dining table. Suited to both casual and formal entertaining.
  • Wide application – have excellent use at any family get-together, restaurant, formal banquet or just for everyday use. Whether it is wedding, birthday, family reunion or any other party, our porcelain tea set is a luxurious gift item your friends will love. As the set includes 2 cups, 1 tea pot, 1 sugar canister, 1 milk pot and a wooden stand with handles which makes it a perfect and classy gift for any special occasion
  • Ecologically tasteless & comfortable weight – make a healthier choice with these high quality porcelain tea & saucer set, ecologically tasteless and non-toxic. It is lightweight so that you can enjoy every sip of tea or coffee.
UGX 168,000

Royalford 24 piece Cutlery Set, RF2086 – Silver

  • Made of high-quality stainless steel which is durable and long lasting
  • Compact design
  • Set consists: 6-pieces of Tea Spoons, 6-pieces of Dinner Forks, 6-piece of Dinner Spoons, 6-piece of Knives
UGX 138,500

Royalford Opal Ware Dinner Set, 33 Pcs, RF8982

  • 6 Pcs 10″Dinner Plates
  • 6 Pcs 7.5″ Quartes Plates
  • 1 Pc 13″ Oval Plate
  • 6 Pcs 8″ Deep Soup Plate
  • 6 Pcs 5″ Soup Bowl
  • 2 Pcs 8″ Serving Bowls
  • 6 Pcs spoons

  • UGX 245,000

    Royalford 20 pcs Melamine Ware Dinner Set, White, RF7437

    • 20-Piece Dinner Set
    • Attractive Design
    • Made of Melamine
    • Number of Items Included:
    • 6 X 10 Inch Deep Plate
    UGX 150,000

    Royalford Round Cake/Pizza Pan, 27×4.5cm/0.5mm, RF8789

    • DURABLE – High-Quality food-grade carbon steel, high strength, good hardness, strong and durable, which conducts heat thoroughly with a quality non-sticking finish.
    • EASY COOKING, PERFECT FOR BAKING – Be suitable for baking any thin pancake pizza and ensure an evenly baked, golden crust pizza your family will love! Perfect for Kitchen and Party.
    • NON-STICK COATING, EASY CLEAN-UP – This Royalford Round Baking Pan features non-stick inside and out to deliver great food release with quick clean up. It is 0.5mm thick and as long life.
    • DOUBLE PURPOSE – Designed to handle great amounts of heat such as being in the oven during baking, but is also designed to be suitable as a serving tray once finished cooking.
    • ECO-FRIENDLY STYLISH DESIGN – Sleek Smooth edge and perfect curve comfortable to hold in hands, sloped edge prevent the pizza crust spilling out.
    UGX 48,000

    Royalford 6 Cup Jumbo Muffin Pan, Cupcake Pan RF7043 (Black)

    • CLASSIC SHAPE – Create Delicious And Beautiful Muffins And Cupcakes With This Traditional Shape Design Baking Tray.
    • REINFORCED MATERIAL – This 6 Hole Baking Tin Has Been Put To The Test With Exposure To Electroplating And Sandblasting To Resist Warping, Corrosion And Flaking.
    • NON-STICK – Double Coated With Some of The Finest Non-Stick Material To Ensure Easy Handling And Cleaning.
    • DISHWASHER SAFE – Simple Cleaning Process For This Baking Tin As It Can Be Safely Set Into The Dishwasher Instead of Having To Wash By Hand.
    • AWARD-WINNING – This Finely Crafted Tin Has Been Recognized For Its Amazing Quality And Performance And Has Since Been Part of A Multi-Award Winning Bakeware Collection.
    UGX 50,000

    Royalford Non-Stick Quick-Release Springform Cake Tin with Loose Base, 24 cm , Baking Tin, Easy Release Pan, RF7036

    • ELEGANT CAKE BAKING – This springform pan is wonderfully non-stick, you can use it for cooking delicious homemade cakes with a perfectly seamless & soft texture that pop out in perfect shape. Ideal for delicate cheesecakes, also fab for fruitcakes and sponges’ cakes.
    • QUICK-RELEASED SPRING-LOADED PAN – Design of non-stick coating & honeycomb bottom allows your cake be released from spring form pan more cleanly without destroying the shape. With their springform clasps and loose bases, they’re particularly good for cooking delicate cheesecakes.
    • PREMIUM NON-STICK COATING, EASY CLEANING – It has a premium non-stick coating that is resistant to abrasive damage. It allows easy food release & clean-up so you can get your cake out with ease.
    • QUALITY SPRINGFORM CAKE TIN – The carbon steel material is resistant to wear and can handle long routines of cooking. This cake tin is heavyweight and extremely strong with its quick-release design that gives the tin extra structural integrity.
    • OVEN SAFE, PFOA AND BPA FREE – This round spring forms is oven safe and can handle most baking temperatures. The material used in making the pan and the coating is free from harmful BPA and PFOA.
    UGX 45,000
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    RoyalFord RF4126FP Non-stick Fry Pan Set With Slotted Turner, 2pieces

    • Package weight in KGs : 3 KG
    • Type : Cookware Sets
    • Material : Stainless Steel
    • Brand : RoyalFord
    UGX 98,500

    Royalford RF6770 Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle, 1L

    • Compact Design
    • Sleek And Polished Exterior
    • Crafted From Stainless Steel
    • Durable And Robust
    • Capacity: 1L
    UGX 68,500

    Royalford RF6186 Stainless Steel Stove Top Tea Kettle, 2L

    • STAINLESS STEEL TEAPOT – This incredibly stylish teapot from Royalford is every tea lover’s dream. Made from high-quality stainless steel, gleaming exterior, durable, anti-corrosion, easy to clean, and long-lasting. As well as looking great it is also an incredibly practical stovetop kettle with a space-saving design.
    • EASY GRIP HANDLE: Handling this kettle becomes very simple, thanks to the heat resistant phenolic handle. The unique design of the handle allows you to lift this large teapot with ease, even when it is full of water. There is plenty of room to get a secure grip and you can place your thumb on top of the handle when pouring. And has a large lid opening, designed for convenient filling and cleaning. Compatible with most stove-tops.
    • MULTI-PURPOSE: Exquisite Pot Perfect to Drip Coffee or Tea, Great for Entertaining friends in your home or hotel. Unique design to suit your needs in appearance. Elegant thermal teapot with large comfortable handle. Well-made design, Large Capacity for Tea and Coffee. Use it in home, office or hotels and it will look great on the tabletop.
    • LARGE 2L CAPACITY: This 2 L teapot features a sleek contemporary design that means you’ll always want to have it at the centre of your table. Most standard tea cups hold around 150ml of liquid so you can make more cups of tea with this large capacity teapot. There’s plenty for a small tea party or around in the office. If you just want tea for one, this pot will still let you pour yourself an extra-large mug or keep some aside for a top-up later.
    • EASY TO CLEAN: Its stainless steel build is easy to keep clean and shiny, and is an attractive addition and conversation starter to your kitchen. Ideal for outdoor travel, camping, home kitchen and other where you want to have hot water. Can be used for most of the cooktops, and heats up quickly so there’s less waiting and a more efficient tea or coffee brewing experience for you!
    UGX 58,000
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    Royalford Aluminium Pressure Cooker 11L RF355PC11 – Silver

    • HEALTHY EATING MADE EASY – Maintaining more of the vitamins & nutrients in your food using this 11 L pressure cooker. It is the ideal appliance to help you maintain a healthy diet of your whole family.
    • 11 LITRE CAPACITY, EASY CLEANING – Designed with a generous 11-litre capacity, this Pressure Cooker is perfect for cooking large family-sized meals in half the time. It is ideal for busy kitchens with cooks who value taste and style. Featuring an easy to clean pot, a simple hand wash is all that is required to keep the pressure cooker in perfect condition.
    • HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE DESIGN – The cooker is made from durable aluminium which is easy to clean and ensures longer-lasting performance. It has an innocuous silicone ring that locks pressure inside for efficient cooking.
    • BUILT-IN SAFETY FUNCTIONS, MULTIPLE HOBS COMPATIBILITY – Complete with a whole host of safety functions including a safety valve, this pressure cooker assures peace of mind during use. Suitable for all hob types including gas, electric, ceramic, and halogen, this pressure cooker is the versatile addition to your home.
    UGX 364,400

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