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Epson L850 Multi-Function Colour Printer (Black)

  • Printer type: InkTank Photo; Functionality: All-in-one (print, scan, copy), Output: Colour
  • Connectivity: Hi-Speed USB 2.0
  • Compatible ink: The 6-colour Epson T673X series, Page Yield: 1800 4R photos
  • Warranty – 1 year or 30,000 pages whichever is earlier on-site warranty from the date of purchase
  • Pages per minute: 37 ppm (Black), 38 ppm (Colour), Cost-per-page: sum of 2.50 per 4R photo
  • Page size Supported: A4 borderless printing, Direct printing on CDs/DVDs
  • Print resolution of 5760 dpi
UGX 1,990,000

Epson EcoTank L3110 All-in-One Ink Tank Colour Printer (Black)

  • Printer Type – Ink Tank; Functionality – All-in-One (Print, Scan, Copy) , Scanner type – Flatbed; Printer Output – Colour
  • Connectivity – USB
  • Pages per minute – 33 pages (Black & White), 15 pages (Colour) ; Cost per page – 7 paise (Black & White), 18 paise (Colour) – As per ISO standards
  • Ideal usage – Home and Small office, Regular / Heavy usage (more than 300 pages per month)
  • Page size supported – A4, A5, A6, B5, C6, DL ; Duplex Print – Manual ; Print resolution – 5760 x 1440
  • Compatible Ink Bottle – T003 (Black), T003 (Cyan), T003 (Magenta), T003 (Yellow) ; Page Yield – 4500 pages (Black & White), 7500 pages (Colour) ; Comes with 4 original Epson Ink Bottle (one of each colour – Bk, C, M, Y) inside the box
  • Warranty – 1 year or 30,000 pages whichever is earlier on-site warranty from the date of purchase
UGX 965,000

EPSON EcoTank L805 WiFi InkTank Photo Printer – Black

  • Printer Type – InkTank; Functionality – Single Function (Print only); Printer Output – Colour, Borderless Printing
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi, USB, Epson iPrint App ; Noise Level:- PC Printing / PGPP Best Photo: 5.1 B(A), 36 dB(A), PC Printing / Plain Paper Default *3: 6.0 B(A), 48 dB(A) ; Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10, Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
  • Compatible Ink Bottle – T673 (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Light Magenta, Light Cyan) ; Page Yield – 1800 R4 photos – As per ISO standards
  • Warranty – 1 year from the date of purchase, With a photo print speed of up to 12 seconds per 4R photo*, you can achieve much more with less time
  • Pages per minute – 5 ; Cost per page – 2 Rs per photo (Colour) – As per ISO standards
  • Page size supported – A4, A5, A6, B5, Letter, Legal, DL, Envelopes ; Duplex Print – Manual ; Print resolution – 5,760 x 1,440 dpi
  • Ideal usage – Photo printing, regular usage
UGX 1,690,000

Epson LQ-2190 Dot matrix Printer

  • Printing Resolution 360 x 180 DPI
  • 13 kg
UGX 3,300,000

Epson EcoTank L3110 All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

  • Compact integrated tank design
  • High yield ink bottles
  • Spill-free, error-free refilling
  • Borderless printing up to 4R
UGX 999,000

Epson Printer: Complete Your Office Setup

From your work-related documents to your kid’s projects and assignments in school, Epson printers come handy for your day-to-day needs. Explore printers from Epson online and buy one for your home or office today. Seiko Epson Corporation is a Japanese electronics company headquartered in Suwa, Nagano, Japan. Epson, which is an abbreviation of ‘Son of Electronic Printer’, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of computer printers and information and imaging related equipment. Epson’s printers are quite popular and comprise a range of inkjet, dot matrix and laser printers.
Suitable for both, home and office settings, Epson printers are durable, operationally efficient and easy to use. Their products have been made available worldwide and are quite in demand.
How to Buy Epson Printers?

You can either go for an Epson inkjet printer or an Epson laser printer. The inkjet printers are ideal for home use and perfect for printing high-quality photos and texts. However, if you need to print a large number of papers regularly then a laser printer is a good match for you.

Epson Inkjet Printers
Inkjet printers form images by dropping spots of ink on the paper. These printers blend the colors smoothly to deliver seamless print results. If you need to print documents that are heavy with images, then this type of printer is an apt choice.
Epson Laser Printers
Laser printers form a digital image by scanning a laser beam across photoreceptors, and these printers finish the printing job quickly. These printers offer crisp quality, and can handle small fonts and fine lines effectively. So, if your documents are usually filled with text data, then you can choose this printer. It can also handle heavy loads quickly.
Epson Wi-Fi Printers
These printers offer great convenience. You can send the print jobs to this printer from any corner of your home. If you are looking for the Wi-Fi functionality, then you can go for the Epson L3150 printer or the Epson M205 printer.
Epson Multifunction Printers
A multifunction printer can print, scan, copy, and even send and receive faxes. In other words, an Epson multifunction printer can help you set-up a workstation in your home. Also, you can buy a color printer or a black and white printer as per your printing needs.
Connectivity Options in Epson Printers
Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and/or Wi-Fi Direct: you can choose a printer with any of these connectivity options. There are also Epson printers with additional features, such as Auto Duplex Printing and LCD Panel, to choose from.
When it comes to specific models, you can buy the Epson EcoTank L130, Epson EcoTank L3110, Epson EcoTank L3150, or the Epson EcoTank L4160 for your home.
If you need a printer for your office, then you can buy the Epson EcoTank L4150, Epson EcoTank L6160, Epson EcoTank M1100, or the Epson EcoTank M205, among other models.

Epson’s most Popular Printers :

Epson M205
The Epson M205 is a multi-function wireless home or office printer that lets you copy, print and scan documents. To give you an efficient performance, this printer has high page yields, of up to 6,000 pages of black and white prints and can print at a speed of up to 34 prints per minute. To enhance its ease of operability, this printer features a built-in two-line LCD panel that displays the status of your print and other such necessary information. To make it even more convenient to print, you can directly print from any of your smart devices by connecting it to the printer via Wi-Fi.
Epson L6160
The Epson l6160 is a multi-functional printer that is both economical and operationally efficient. Its compact size makes it ideal for home spaces as well as offices. It allows you to print, copy and scan. It operates at a speed of to 33 pages per minute with a 4800 dpi output. The Epson 6160 comes with an Auto-duplex mode which helps you save costs by printing on both sides of the paper. It also has a yield of up to 7500 black and white prints and up to 6000 color prints. This multi-function Epson printer also has a Wi-Fi connectivity feature that lets you take printouts from your smartphone or any other smart device.
Epson L130
This Epson printer is as efficient as it is compact. Suitable for both, a home or an office setup, the Epson L130 gives you a good page yield, high printing speed and good printing quality. Operating at a 5760 dpi output, a 70 ml ink refill bottle can yield up to 4000 black and white prints and up to 6500 color prints, at low costs! This printer can print at a speed of up to 27 monochrome pages per minute and up to 15 colored pages per minute. Ensuring a good printing quality, this printer renders bold text and sharp images.
Epson L6190
The Epson L6190 is a multi-function printer that lets you do more for less. Printing at a speed of 33 pages per minute, this printer can aid you in printing your letters, business reports, college projects and even photos. The Epson L6190 is also cost-efficient as a black and white printout comes at the cost of 12 paise per page and a colored printout comes at the cost of 20 paise per page. Each ink refill can yield up to 7500 black and white pages and up to 6000 colored pages. This printer also comprises an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) which lets you scan and copy documents. Making it quite apt for office purposes, this printer features an Auto-duplex mode, has a 100-page storage memory and a fax function. Its design features a 6.1 cm LCD display which displays the status of your print and other such necessary information.
Epson L360
The Epson L360 is a wireless multi-function printer that can be connected to any wireless network to make the most of it. This lets you manage your printing and scanning tasks remotely from your smartphone even if you are busy doing something else. Operating at a speed of 33 prints per minute, 9.2 impressions per minute and a 5760 output dpi, this printer helps you print at low printing costs. For effective scanning and copying, this printer comes with a 600 x 1200 dpi sensor that delivers results in a matter of seconds. The Epson L360 is suitable for both, a home and an office setting.

Shop for Epson Printer Online

The latest trend in shopping is now online shopping and this trend is here to stay. Though they are largely available at all your nearby brand and retail stores, different types of printers, such as Epson photo printer, Epson colour printer, Epson all in one printer, Epson laser printer, Epson

wireless printer, Epson inkjet printer, etc., are also available online at the click of a button. Shopping online is as easy as logging on to your favorite or preferred shopping website and typing in the product that you are looking for. A search result will then be generated based on the keywords that you have typed in. To further narrow down your search, you can make use of filters that will help you look for exactly what you want. Shopping for printers online is one of the best, convenient and easiest ways to get access to a wider variety, as well as the option to choose from among different brands and types. You can also compare between different Epson printer prices. This way you can also avail the best prices and offers in the market. You also have a lot of payment options available and they are quite safe and secure to use.

Question and Answers

  1. Q.Do all Epson printers come with wireless support?
    A.There are different variants of Epson printers available. Some of the variants, such as the Epson L3250 Multi-function Colour Printer, Epson L3251 Multi-function Colour Printer, etc., offer wireless support; however, others do not. So, check the features before buying one.
  2. Q.What types of printers do the brand offer?
    A.Epson printers come in various choices to cater to every segment of customers. Colour printers, inkjet printers, monochrome printers, multi-function colour printers, and others.
  3. Q.Are Epson printers useful for scanning documents?
    A.Yes. Most of these printers have a scanner for scanning documents. When you purchase a printer, check its product details to ensure if it has the scanning feature.
  4. Q.Do Epson printers come with a reset button?
    A.Yes, the majority of these printers come with a reset button located on the backside of the printer.
  5. Q.What does the flashing orange light on my Epson printer indicate?
    A.The flashing orange light is an indicator on your printer, and it means that the printer may have some issues with the cartridge or toner. It may also be an indication of some corrupted configuration settings.
  6. Q.Can I use third-party ink cartridges on my Epson printer?
    A.No, most Epson printers require the user to use proprietary ink cartridges and do not print when you install third-party ink cartridges.
  7. Q.Do the Epson printers come with a brand warranty?
    A.Yes, each of these printers comes with a standard brand warranty. Check all the details about the warranty from the product description.
  8. Q.Can I use these printers for my child’s projects and assignments?
    A.Yes, you can use these printers at home for your child’s homework, projects, and assignments as these take out colour and black and white printouts. You can also use them for small offices for printing high-quality documents.
  9. Q.Are there any wireless Epson printers?
    A.Yes. You can even find printers with USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi direct connectivity.
  10. Q.Are Epson printers with only black and white printing capability available?
    A.Yes. There are plenty of monochrome printers available for you to choose from here.

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